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1.    Payment


  (i) Ongoing Monthly payment prior to the lesson is required until cancellation.

  (ii) 36 lessons per year are guaranteed. Price of lesson for the whole year is divided into 12 payments over the year (ex. £46 per lesson x 36 lessons = £1656 ; £1656/12 months = £138 per month)

Therefore, payment will be taken every month regardless of whether a lesson has taken place that month.

  (iii) Monthly invoice will be sent via email on the 10th of every month.

(iv) Payment is due within 5 days of receiving invoice.

(v) If the invoice is not paid after 7 days, there will be a late fee charge of £5. If the invoice is not paid after 12 days, you may risk losing your lesson slot and the next lesson will not be held until payment. If for any reason that you are unable to process the payment within the scheduled time, please email me.

(vi) Payment is accepted by bank transfer or cash.

(vii) One trial lesson is offered, charged at the same rate as the normal lesson, before committing to the contract and must be paid upfront to secure the lesson date and time. During this session, I will be evaluating different abilities. I will offer my professional evaluation and will recommend method books, materials and a plan of study.

  (viii) First payment will be required 5 days before the agreed date of the first lesson.

  (ix) Fees are liable to change with 1 month’s notice and will be reviewed annually.


    2. Attendance


  (i) Lessons will take place once a week and Students will be expected to attend at the scheduled date and time.

  (ii) Lessons will take place at the Teacher’s Studio.

  (iii) If the Student arrives late, the lesson will not be extended and will run according to schedule.

  (iv) If the Teacher starts the lesson late, the lesson time will be delivered in full.

  (v) The Teacher will make every effort to ensure Student’s progress. 

  (vi) The Student is expected to organise time for regular practice for the lesson to progress.

  (vii) If (vi) is not fulfilled, progress cannot be guaranteed.


   3. Other Attendees


  (i) Parents/Guardians are advised not to attend lessons for Students Year 7 and above for independent learning as older Students are aware of the work required and at most times, feel more comfortable without Parent’s presence.

  (ii) Parents/Guardians' attendance in Student's lessons can be agreed on with the Teacher to ensure full concentration for reasons including young age and support. 

  (iii) Where Parents/Guardians attend the lesson, it should be solely for the purpose of watching what is being learned in the lesson in order to support the Student’s practice at home. No conversation between the Student and Parent/Guardian should take place (eg. answering questions directed at Student). The lesson should be treated as if only the Teacher and Student are present in the room. 

  (iv) Parents/Guardians are responsible for ensuring that children under 18 are accompanied when travelling to and from the lesson.

  (v) Written notice in advance is required if someone other than the agreed person is required to collect the Student (under 18) after the lesson.


3. Student/Parent’s Responsibilities and Practice


(i) The Student must have access to at least a full size 88 key keyboard (with weighted keys if possible) for practice between lessons.

(ii) Students must bring all books, music diaries and materials required for the lesson. It is recommended to have a music folder/bag for all materials as separate pieces of paper may be handed out during the lesson.

(iii) Nails should be short enough that they do not make a ‘click’ sound when playing the piano. It is not possible to have long nails when playing the piano as it prevents correct hand shape and can damage the piano keys.

(iv) It is recommended that all students under the age of 8 practice with their Parents/Guardians for at least 15 mins a day, 5 days a week, depending on their age and level.

(v) For Students age 9 and above, practice should be at least between 20-30 mins a day, 5 days a week, depending on age and level. Where Students are preparing for exams, practice times should be longer, especially with higher grades.


   4. Missed Lessons


  (i) Missed lessons by the Student with less than 48 hours notice (including ‘forgotten’ lessons) will not be refunded and cannot be guaranteed to be made up for unless uncontrollable circumstances arise, such as medical issues.

  (ii) Missed lessons by the Student with sufficient notice or by myself will be made up for during that term on a date agreed by both the Teacher and Student or be refunded if  the Teacher is unable to carry forward the lesson.

  (iii) The maximum number of lessons that can be re-arranged is 3 per year. Any lessons missed exceeding this number cannot be guaranteed to be re-scheduled and will not be refunded.

  (iv) Alternatively, online lessons can be offered at the scheduled time and date instead of cancelling the lesson. Where Students are unable to attend the lesson in-person (due to coughing/other illness or parents are unable to travel) but Students are well enough to take part in the lesson, online lessons will take place instead of cancelling/rescheduling the lesson.

  (v) The agreed lesson slot is reserved for the agreed Student and is not released to any others until cancellation. Therefore, flexibility beyond these terms are not possible to ensure all Students are provided with equal opportunity to reschedule.


   5. Extra Lessons


  (i) Extra lessons at any time including holidays and exam periods may be scheduled on agreement.

  (ii) Extra cost of the lesson(s) will be required to be paid upfront as normal.


   6. Extra Costs


  (i) Competition/ Festival/ Exam fees are paid for by the Student.

  (ii) Where the Teacher is required to pay and submit an application on behalf of the Student, the cost should be paid upfront to the Teacher on the same date as the lesson fee in the previous month.

  (iii) Books required for the lesson as advised by the Teacher are paid for by the Student.

  (iv) The Student will be responsible for any loss or damage incurred to any items belonging to the Teacher.


   7. Discontinuation of Lessons


  (i) Discontinuation of lessons requires a term’s notice (3 months). 

  (ii) It must be a written notice either by email or by hand.

  (iii) Discontinuation of lessons without sufficient notice will not be refunded.


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